1. Flexible Energy 5 protocol workshops

Standardization will be the key to unlocking energy flexibility cost effectively. FLEXCON hosts workshops on the 5 most important standardization efforts currently on the market.

There will be workshops on:

  • OCPP – protocol for charging stations of electric vehicles
  • EFI – protocol for standardizing energy flexibility
  • VHPReady – protocol for standardizing energy flexibility
  • EEBus -protocol for smart home usecases including energy
  • openADR – common standard for demand response

2. Flexible Energy tech workshops

Smart Energy developers, architects and Product Managers should check this out:

  • Get a tech workshop on Cisco Distributed Dockerized computing, by Cisco DevNet
  • Learn how to use Smart Home API to control devices, by Mclimate
  • Get connected with OpenADR protocol, by OpenADR and Auto-Grid
  • Build your own Smart Charging API with Open Charge Point Protocol, by Elaad.
  • Join the PowerMatcher and Energy Flexibility Interface coding session. Hosted by FAN.
  • Smart Energy Services: Privacy and Security, by Omnetric (Siemens and Accenture)
  • Learn on EEBus implementations in Smart Homes, by EEBus, KEO and BAM
  • Get introduced to the Distributed Energy Flexibility Interface, by FAN
  • Learn on Backoffice Algorithms and the Energy Flexibility Interface, by Technolution and Engie
  • Join Fraunhofer IWES and make buildings smarter with OGEMA: The Open Gateway for Open Social Energy Management
  • Get to know VHPREADY, the Open industrial standard for the steering of decentralized power generators by VHPREADY

3. Electric Vehicles and Smart Storage & Smart Charging track

Electrification of the automotive sector has seemed to reach a critical tipping point. Many major car manufacturers have woken up and announced that they will step into the EV market. This will have a major impact on the grid in the next 10/15 years. Energy Flexibility and smart charging are key to the solution.

Follow talks and workshops on:

  • SonnenCommunity on shared battery capacity.
  • Jedlix on trading EV flexibility.
  • Nissan director of EV: inspirational lecture.
  • Elestor on neighbourhood scale flow batteries
  • MotionWerk on seamless charging
  • Tesla Storage on the Powerwall
  • Elaad will host a workshop on the common OCPP standard and its ‘smart charging’ update.
  • GreenMountainPower , a USA based green success story.
  • Nuvve, aggregating EV fleets.
  • EV Consult on Rapid Electric Vehicle uptake and #FlexEnergy
  • Resourcefully on V2G and neighborhood forecasting.

4. Crypto and Blockchain track

Blockchain has shaken the world with a new immutable and transparent mechanism of transferring and accounting value/assets. But now that we seem to be past the initial hype and the dust slowly settles, where are the applications in the energy space? And more specifically energy flexibility?

Follow talks and workshops on:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers will give an overview of what is going on in the energy space in respect to blockchain.
  • A blockchain application for the EV market by Motionwerk.
  • Spectral Energy goes further than the Brooklyn project with p2p trading here in our own Amsterdam.
  • IOTA is not a blockchain, it is more. It is a next generation graph-like chain with a very interesting application for machine 2 machine economy.

5. Transactive Energy track

The concept of Transactive Energy (TE) is the new evolutionary step after Demand Reponse (DR). TE promises to be able to balance the grid and take into account grid constraints using economic incentives. Energy Flexibility is the fundament on which TE builds and expands. At FLEXCON you can follow a crash course track to understand the fundamentals.

Follow these talks and workshops:

  • FURI project talk by TNO to get a high level overview of the total system: a new market framework for monetizing flex (USEF), a TE algorithm (PowerMatcher), and a standard for unlocking energy flexibility (EFI)
  • The thoughtleader on TE from the USA: Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNNL) will host an introductory talk on TE which is illustrated by their complex self-build simulation framework.
  • PowerMatcher is one of the implementations of TE. Follow the workshop to understand more of the architecture and its implementation details.
  • OpenADR is working together with its alliance community to define an update to the protocol that allows for TE usecase and more advanced DER control.
  • IOTA is a new type of ‘blockchain’ that could prove an interesting backbone for machine 2 machine transactions.

6. Connected World, Smart Home, Building Energy Efficiency track

FLEXCON’s mission is to propel the use of small & medium size assets in energy flexibility. This means SMART-  heatpumps, inverters, buildings, home appliances, batteries, EV’s.

Follow these talks and workshops:

  • Open Source Gateway software “Distributed EFPi” platform by TNO
  • Open Source Gateway software ”OGEMA” by Fraunhofer IWES
  • Heatpumps and Flex in Europe – DHPA – Peter Wagener
  • Tech workshop on Smart home API by Melissa Climate
  • EEBus protocol workshop on smart appliance communication by EEBus, KEO, BAM
  • Energy Flexibility Interface (EFI) standard by TNO
  • Triggi talks about their platform for simple API inter-connectivity,
  • An aggregator’s project experience with heatpumps and powerwalls by Senfal.
  • How to connect devices and an backoffice algorithm to the EFI by Technolutiona & Engie.
  • Wim Zeiler will host a talk on the IEA Workgroup on Energy Flexible Buildings

7. Join our track on Market, Policy & Strategy on Energy Flexibility

A new decentralized energy system. Technically everything seems to be possible yet our current regulatory framework is still based on a centralized system focussed on grid reliability. Furthermore monetary incentives for energy flexibility are not in place. How do we go from A to Z and take the correct steps in between?

Be informed on the future market of the decentralized energy system!

  • SEDC – European legislative proposals on Energy Market Design by Frauke Thies
  • The role of system operators in a distributed energy landscape by EnergyVille
  • Demand side flexibility in the UK by Delta EE
  • Global Flex Market – Delta EE – Philippa Hardy
  • Flex Trading Germany – Procom – Christian Irion
  • Motivate residential-owners to invest in sustainability – ABN AMRO Bank
  • Unleashing European Flexibility, by Flexiblepower Alliance Network
  • The need for a short-term intraday market – ETPA